Our slice of texas is conveniently close to austin & houston. 

In Round Top and our surrounding towns, you'll find good people, good hospitality, and good food. 

Round Top



La Grange

Check out these links to chambers of commerce sites for town info!


Our Area

The Vintage Round Top 

Frenchie Guest Houses 

Round Top Inn 

Rancho Pillow 

Armando's Round Top Houses 

Grand Fayette Hotel 

The White House on the Hill 

Rest | Relax: Our favorite luxe inns & guest houses

There are *so* many more lodging options at a variety of price points & sizes. Check the chambers of commerce sites for more!

The Vintage Round Top | Courtesy of the VIntage


Our Recommendations

Hotel Lulu

The Garden Company 

Recharge | Refuel: Our favorite local eateries

Popi Burger

Lulu's Italian

Royer's Round Top Cafe

Mandito's Tex Mex

Royer's Pie Haven 

Josh & Dana Fernandez Photography

Teague's Tavern

Josh & Dana Fernandez Photography

Prost Wine Bar

Our favorites for rehearsal dinners are Lulu's Italian and the Garden Company!