Terry, Kalli, Lauren, Jake, & Keller. The family behind Windy Knoll! 

Windy Knoll Round Top is a family-owned-and-operated business that started with our dream to throw an over-the-top wedding for our daughter! 

Most of us are lawyers by day, so Windy Knoll is our oasis! On a bright spring day you'll find us feeding the cows and horses, visiting the wildflower field, and gathering around the dinner table. In the fall, it's horseback riding before s'mores by the campfire. 

After 30 years in the hotel and hospitality industry, our family is thrilled to launch our latest venture, our events venue: Windy Knoll Round Top.

We hope the rolling hills and panoramic views of our surroundings bring you as much peace as they bring us. We pray that you and your family will feel the joy that abounds within the walls of the Wedding Barn, a place built to celebrate love.

Our family ranch. Your dream venue.

One of our goals was to create as much joy as possible for our daughter, Lauren, who has had to deal with a chronic illness from a young age, and then a frightening cancer diagnosis at 23. When our son-in-law Jake was also diagnosed three years later, the hope and serene beauty sparked by Windy Knoll became even more important.

We initially planned to tent the reception space for the wedding guests, but we were so swept up in the excitement that we decided to plant more roots of our own – thus the creation of the Wedding Barn.

Having molded the perfect place to gather our family and friends to celebrate love, we then decided to share the experience. Now, we are thrilled to host your family, as well!

It is our hope that this place can provide other families with the same sense of peace, hope, and community that it gives to us.

With love, Kalli & Terry

With 30 years’ experience in the luxury hotel arena - with 5 Star facilities on the Cote d'Azur, France and the island of Mallorca, Spain, as well as luxurious villas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - our goal was to bring the lessons learned in hospitality to a ranch setting in our beloved Texas. There, we would begin what we hoped would be a long-standing family retreat that would be passed down through time from generation to generation.

We found Windy Knoll a few years ago, after searching far and wide for the perfect property. It was love at first sight. With the peaceful scenery and charming and inviting design of the buildings, it quickly became our favorite place! As we further developed the property, Windy Knoll became our haven.

So when our daughter became engaged, she wanted to set down her marital roots beneath the 450-year-old oak tree behind the Main House - what is now our Family Tree.

A Note from the Owners

Originally located in Maryland, the barn was used by both sides of the Civil War. It was burned during battle and was later rebuilt in 1867. The barn eventually made its way to Round Top, Texas, where it was restored to host celebrations at Windy Knoll.

We have poured our hearts and souls into this building, hoping that it will become a place where all those who enter feel uplifted, loved, and celebrated. Heritage Restorations from Waco, Texas faithfully completed the build before our daughter's wedding in October 2019. The wedding went beautifully, and now we are opening our doors!

Burned in War.
Restored for Love.


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